Early Learning Champions 2018

Avonda Ellison

Avonda Ellison Arizona
  • MPT
  • Laugh-n-Learn Center
  • Salisbury, Maryland

The Laugh-n-Learn Center—a licensed, home-based early learning facility in Salisbury Maryland—is aptly named.  Not only do the children laugh and learn together, but Avonda Ellison, owner and operator, laughs and learns with them as she approaches her work as a child care educator and leader. With her contagious energy and smile, 14 years of experience, and passion to connect with other child care providers, Avonda is a proactive and valuable mentor on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  Seeing a need for professional development and connection, Avonda started Providers United, a peer collective of educators who meet monthly to share experiences, find solutions, and brainstorm fresh ideas in support of each other. Under Avonda’s leadership, Providers United has planned family engagement activities, organized field trips, identified cultural enrichment activities, and facilitated community training for providers.  

PBS KIDS Character Connection: Daniel Tiger because of his respectful nature, efforts to be a good person, and willingness to make a situation right even though he’s not perfect.