PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Jared Morgan

Jared Morgan Oklahoma
  • OETA
  • Clyde Boyd Middle School
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you walked into Jared’s classroom, he says, you would hear a bustle of noise as students brainstorm, ask questions, and work together in their groups to investigate how the world around them works. You would also see Chromebooks in his students’ hands as they research, write, simulate, and share their discoveries. Jared believes in the power of digital innovation because he has seen his classroom become a more engaged and efficient space as a result of it. “My goal as a science teacher is to create a space where students are encouraged to collaborate, think critically, and solve real-world problems,” he says. “Infusing the classroom with technology is an integral part of achieving that goal.”

Fun Fact: Jared is a cellist in his community’s orchestra.

Follow Jared on Twitter and Instagram, @morgsci.