PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Bretta Loeffler

Bretta Loeffler Colorado
  • Rocky Mountain PBS
  • Hulstrom K-8
  • Thornton, Colorado

Bretta’s first grade students are global students. Working together in groups, they have published TinyTap apps, blogged on Seesaw, made videos, and have published items on Facebook and Twitter.  Bretta says, “My classroom is an ever-changing and energetic place to learn. We like to take our learning to the limits.” Bretta’s passion extends beyond teaching her young students—colleagues often turn to her for expert advice in integrating technology into the classroom. As a teacher leader she has coached other teachers and has had the opportunity to implement innovative initiatives in her district; for example, she launched the first 1:1classroom in her district.

Fun fact: Bretta is married to her high school sweetheart and her family has an unusual and thrilling hobby: they travel across the country to find and ride roller coasters.