Early Learning Champions 2018

Carmen Espinosa

Carmen  Espinosa Arizona
  • WNET
  • Little People's Academy, Inc.
  • Dover, New Jersey

Carmen Espinosa’s positivity and enthusiasm is contagious at Little People’s Academy, a state-licensed childcare learning center in Dover, New Jersey, where she works as director and co-founder.  Little People’s Academy is a bilingual and multicultural school that serves infants through preschool-aged children. Carmen believes it is her duty as an early childhood advocate to create environments that are healthy, respectful, supportive, and nurturing to all children and their families. As a child, she wasn’t always allowed to ask questions, only listen and follow directions. Because of that, she has made a commitment to help children develop their potential by believing in them as capable, empowered, and curious individuals. Teaching is a lifelong learning process, and Carmen continues in her professional growth by learning new teaching strategies and philosophies. She believes that children have taught her to be open-minded and have inspired her to be a better mother, leader, and educator.

PBS KIDS Character Connection: Super Why! because Carmen loves how the show promotes children to use their super literacy powers. Education is the most powerful tool a person can have and when children are empowered through education they learn to ask questions, affect social change in positive ways, and make our world a better one.