PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Elisabeth Bostwick

Elisabeth Bostwick New York
  • WSKG
  • Gardner Road Elementary School
  • Horseheads, New York

Elisabeth is passionate about sparking curiosity and unleashing creativity to empower learning. She continues to be a risk taker and leader in education as she creates experiences that encourage learners to identify their passions and leverage their unique talents to shine. Elisabeth avidly seeks alternative methods to innovate in the classroom and support systemic change for learners to thrive. She is the author of the forthcoming book #LEAPeffect which will be published by IMPress and Dave Burgess Publishing Inc. Elisabeth is also co-authoring the 2nd Edition of Education Write Now #EdWriteNow along with several educators, set to be published in December 2018. Elisabeth is driven to elevate education by giving back to the greater good while serving as a support and source of inspiration to others.

Fun Fact: Elisabeth enjoys pushing her boundaries through Tough Mudders, ropes courses, and half-marathons.

Follow Elisabeth on Twitter and Instagram, @ElisaBostwick.