PBS Digital Innovator 2020

Gabriel Garcia

Gabriel Garcia Idaho
  • Idaho Public Television
  • Riverglen Jr. High & Capital High School
  • Boise, Idaho

Gabe Garcia is a video teacher at Riverglen Jr. High and Capital High School in Boise Idaho. What makes his  job unique and special is the fact that he has had the opportunity to take over the very programs that he once participated in as a student. Gabe sees this as a remarkable experience: being back where his passion for learning was first ignited.

Fun Fact: Gabe loves the outdoors. Growing up in Idaho, he had the opportunity of raft guiding throughout high school. When it comes to the creative side of making video content as well as providing project examples, he likes to use footage from his outdoor adventures to share with students.

Favorite PBS Character/Show: Sesame Street and Cookie Monster recalling that when he was little, he would “storm the cookie jar in his parents kitchen and yell ‘I am the Cookie Monster!’”

Instagram: @mr_garcia_kchs