Early Learning Champions 2018

Graciela Muñoz Villega

Graciela  Muñoz Villega Arizona
  • UNC-TV
  • Spanish for Fun Academy
  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Graciela Muñoz Villega or Grace—as she is affectionately known—serves as a teacher in the Spanish-immersion pre-K classroom at Spanish for Fun Academy in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Grace is bilingual and proudly teaches Spanish to English-speaking students in her Spanish immersion classroom, employing a global perspective that promotes a feeling of acceptance and inclusion. You can find her using PBS KIDS programing to help her dual-language learners, decorating her classroom with child-produced artifacts, or encouraging a student to problem solve and think imaginatively. During her 28-year career in early childhood education, she has held numerous positions including classroom teacher, workshop facilitator, and Family Advisor for the Corporation Centro De Ediciones y Documentacion in Columbia.  In addition to spending time with her family, Grace loves to read, paint, and surprise others by wearing matching outfits with a co-worker—who happens to be her identical twin sister!

PBS KIDS Character Connection: Cookie Monster because he possesses an intelligence to achieve what he wants, corporal expressiveness that captures attention, and a sensitivity in all situations. Grace uses these characteristics to frame her professional work.