PBS Digital Innovator 2018

Heather Gauck

Heather Gauck Michigan
  • WGVU
  • Harrison Park School
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan

Heather Gauck, a special education teacher has taught for Grand Rapids Public Schools for more than two decades. She recently became National Board Certified as a Exceptional Needs Specialist. She is the organizer and leader for this team of 8 educators statewide that created Innovation Classroom. This team is being funded by Mark Zuckerberg's StartUp Foundation on integrating technology into the classroom. Most recently she was picked as a Teacher Champion Fellow to work with education policy. She is one of twenty-four teachers who sit on the Michigan Teacher Leadership Council. She was also one of 9 finalists for the United States Department of Education Classroom Teacher Ambassador Fellowship. She is passionate about giving a voice to the usual voiceless students who struggle daily with school. Technology that is integrated appropriately can open up a world of support, excitement and higher standards for all learners and educators in classrooms worldwide.

Fun Fact: Heather commercial fished for salmon for 9 seasons in Alaska during the summers.

Follow Heather on Twitter, @heathergauck.