Early Learning Champions 2018

Jamal Berry

Jamal  Berry Arizona
  • WHUT
  • Educare Washington, DC
  • Washington, District of Columbia

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men," wrote Frederick Douglas. As the director of Educare Washington, DC—an early childhood education school and community center—Jamal Berry has dedicated his professional career to doing just that—building strong children. Jamal’s presence is welcomed daily by young scholars greeting him with bright smiles, offering tippy toe high fives, and presenting enthusiastic progress reports on their personal achievements. After earning an Education Specialist Degree in Leadership and Early Childhood Special Education as well as master’s degree in Education and Human Development and Early Childhood Education from George Washington University, Jamal joined the Educare team as a teacher. His exemplary work and impact led him to his current position, where Jamal’s innovation, compassion and optimism inspires families throughout the District of Columbia.

PBS KIDS Character Connection: Bob the Builder because of his optimism and his enthusiastic phrase, "Can we fix it? Yes we can!" Jamal also likes Bob’s hardworking attitude and ability to utilize the right tools for the right projects, knowing each tool's strengths and weaknesses.