PBS Digital Innovator 2020

Jamie Fleming

Jamie Fleming Oklahoma
  • OETA
  • Ator Heights Elementary
  • Owasso, Oklahoma

Jamie Fleming is an Elementary Library Media Specialist making a difference in the lives of her students with her innovative spirit and vision to transform learning. She is always looking for ways to spark and enhance existing passions within students while creating opportunities for students to collaborate, think critically, and problem solve. She has revolutionized her school’s traditional library into a future-ready space, creating an interactive Makerspace. This Makerspace is a hub of active learning, which has quickly become the heart of the school. Here, students interact with stories and technology in the most unique ways. This space buzzes with the sound of student engagement while students explore and create. Jamie makes sure to focus student learning around the Design Process whether students are engaging with the interactive lego and peg wall, interacting with a variety of robots, or bringing designs to life with the 3D printers. Not only does Jamie bring her students innovative learning opportunities, but she is also passionate about empowering other educators to become masters of innovation in their own classrooms. She offers professional development to teachers on integrating technology creatively into their curriculum and serves as her schools’ Integration Technology Site Leader. 

Fun Fact: Jamie is her family’s undefeated champion of Boggle.

Favorite PBS Character/Show: Curious George because “he shows children how to pursue creativity through curiosity.”

Instagram: @jamielee.11
Twitter: @linked_library