PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Justin Barton

Justin Barton Tennessee
  • East Tennessee PBS
  • Volunteer High School
  • Bristol, Tennessee

Justin is passionate about integrating literacy and technology in his high school classroom. He loves to help others discover ways to improve their quality of life through technology, no matter their age. He tries to create a fun culture by "gamifying" his classroom using tools like interactive, digital “escape rooms” and digital advocacy campaigns, so students can "go beyond" the texts they read in class. “Literacy and technology open doors,” Justin says. “They create more opportunities, better lifestyles, and stronger thinkers for all who embrace their power.” 

Fun Fact: Justin is a prolific grantwriter. Through grants and district requests, he’s been able to purchase a plethora of technology devices: 40 Kindle Fires; 10 iPads; 2 Mac computers and 5 digital camcorders.