PBS Digital Innovator 2018

Kristin Appiah-Word

Kristin Appiah-Word Illinois
  • WTTW
  • Ryder Elementary
  • Chicago, Illinois

Kristin is currently teaching social studies to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. This year marks her 22nd year of teaching. She fell into teaching after working at Motorola on the assembly line after college. That job inspired her to further her education, due to the fact that she was working 12 hour shifts, 4 days a week and didn't like standing up all day (though she is still standing all day as she monitors her students but now can move around). On her days off she decided to substitute teach . She went back to school and earned her M.Ed from Loyola University in Curriculum and Instruction which marked the beginning of her teaching career. Technology is key to instruction these days and it is a way for her to connect with her students. She is constantly looking for the latest app, online program and interactive lessons to engage her students. She looks forward to this new journey as she is honored to be selected as a Digital Innovator Superstar.

Fun Fact: Kristin is addicted to photography gadgets, she has made her living room into a photography studio. She attends YouTube University and hopes to one day be a professional photographer