PBS Digital Innovator 2020

Mariana Athayde

Mariana  Athayde Massachusetts
  • WGBH
  • Christa McAuliffe Elementary School
  • Lowell, Massachusetts

Mariana teaches English learners at Lowell Public Schools in Massachusetts, and specializes in STEM and project based learning experiences that are interdisciplinary and collaborative. Her goal is to creatively implement technology in her classroom to empower English learners to express content knowledge in an authentic and student-driven manner. She has modeled the implementation of learning stations in multi-leveled classrooms for teachers and administrators across the district, and facilitated workshops and graduate courses for educators seeking ESL licensure. Mariana is dedicated to differentiated and diversified instruction that allows immigrant students to learn content and English simultaneously. Mariana served as a WGBH Educator Ambassador for two consecutive years and currently serves as a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Teacher Advisor for the ‘Bringing the Universe to America’s Classroom’ collection, a production of WGBH in collaboration with NASA.

Fun Fact: Mariana was born and raised in Brazil and, despite her interest in innovative tech education, she enjoys listening to old Samba and Bossa Nova vinyls on her record player.

Favorite PBS Character/Show: Nature because “it is one of the few shows every member in my family utterly enjoys watching.”