PBS Digital Innovator 2020

Mariana Garcia Serrato

Mariana Garcia Serrato California
  • KQED
  • Leonard Herman Intermediate School
  • San Jose, California

Mariana Garcia Serrato is a STEM teacher at AdVENTURE, a STEM program from the Oak Grove School District in San Jose, California. She currently teaches Science and Engineering in grades five through eight. She is a certified PBS Media Literacy Educator, Google Certified Educator, KQED Media Literacy Innovator, and SCCOE/TI STEM Teacher of the Year (2014). Her goal of making STEM relevant to her students has inspired her to create a fully gamified PBL classroom and can often be found hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Fun Fact: Marina is a PokemonGo player, and hopes to someday "catch them all,” preferably as shiny.

Favorite PBS Character/Show: Thomas the Tank Engine because she can “practically recite several episodes from memory simply because I watched them so many times with my son. The theme song brings back memories of the unforgettable toddler years.”

Social Media Handle: @MarianaGSerrato