PBS Digital Innovator 2016

Michelle Read

Michelle Read Arizona
  • WGBH
  • Oak Middle School
  • Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Michelle is an eighth grade science teacher in a 1:1 iPad environment at Oak Middle School in Shrewsbury, MA. She enjoys using technology as a tool in her science classroom to spark student curiosity, creativity, and innovation. Resource sharing with colleagues and parents is aided by the use of technology. Online collaboration allows Michelle to learn from others in order to improve her practice. In her classroom, students act as a team of scientists who discover and discuss science together as a community of learners. Her favorite part of teaching is when a student leaves class with a scientific question and returns the next day with an answer they found through engaging in online collaboration and research. She believes in the power that technology has to inspire students, increase collaboration, and promote life-long learning!

Favorite PBS LearningMedia resource: NOVA Elements