PBS Digital Innovator 2016

Michelle Zimmerman

Michelle Zimmerman Arizona
  • KCTS9
  • Renton PREP
  • Renton, Washington

Michelle’s goal was to learn as much about the brain and learning as she could to help children who didn’t find tests or school easy. She started out with early childhood education, and has taught in all the grades from Pre-K through 10th grade. Little did she know she’d end up getting a PhD in Learning Sciences and Human Development from the University of Washington, College of Education and present original research and at tech conferences for teachers across the US and Canada, even with her students submitting their own proposals. Renton Prep is an expansion of an original school that opened in the 1960s. Almost 10 years of her design-based research along with student voice have shaped the school. The school has won multiple awards since September 2015. When she’s not designing STEM and project based learning, she’s teaching students to choreograph and dance for the all-school dance show.

Favorite PBS LearningMedia resource: Crash Course