PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Nathan Lund

Nathan Lund Minnesota
  • LPTV
  • Minnewaska Area Schools
  • Glenwood, Minnesota

Nathan firmly believes that when students are posed with real-life problems, or challenges that are meaningful to them, they will do anything in their power to solve it. His lessons and units are based on the current Minnesota standards and inspired by real-world scenarios. Following this approach, he invites his students to investigate invertebrates in a nearby pond and solve “zip line safety” challenges. It’s an approach that he feels has transformed him from an educator who provides answers, to an educator who provides questions. “By posing guiding questions, allowing freedom to create and learn from mistakes, and using the latest technology to accomplish these tasks, I am able to capture each student's innate curiosity and intrinsic motivation to learn,” says Nathan.

Fun Fact: Nathan holds a master’s degree in the Science of Teaching and Learning—with a research focus on ‘Cognitively Guided Instruction within a project-based classroom.’

Follow Nathan on Twitter, @WaskaScience5.