PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Paige Somoza

Paige Somoza Idaho
  • Idaho Public Television
  • Riverglen Junior High
  • Boise, Idaho

Exploration and discovery are the goals in Paige's classroom. She aims to help her students develop a multi-perspective view of the world and believes that starts with how they learn. A proponent of project-based learning, Paige encourages student creativity and choice, and believes these are important skills that will serve students as 21st century problem solvers. For Paige, quality public education includes equity of access. Taking students virtually somewhere they would not normally be able to go allows for a deeper understanding and an enriched learning experience. 

Fun Fact: Paige once served Harrison Ford popcorn in her cool 90's overalls at a movie theater that she was working at in Jackson Hole, Wyoming one summer. Let's just say, she was a little star struck

Follow Paige on Twitter and Instagram, @paigesomoza.