PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Rachel Thomas & Steven Lamb

Rachel Thomas & Steven Lamb New Mexico
  • New Mexico PBS
  • Zuni Elementary School & North Star Elementary
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico

Rachel and Steven are co-creators. Using a teaching method known as Virtual Team Teaching (VTT), they bring two geographically separated classes together as one. Unlike distance education, one-time projects, or traditional classroom teaching, Virtual Team Teaching uses digital and web-based tools to enhance the collaborative nature of effective learning. One of the key benefits of this methodology is that it allows students to share with and learn from peers across the city. “Getting students to consider what they know from their own sphere of influence and asking each other questions about it, is the best way we know how to guide teaching and learning,” they say.

Fun Fact: The Virtual Team teaching method has allowed Rachel and Steven to seamlessly connect with students from across the globe including Jamaican high school students and Malaysian college students.

Follow Rachel and Steven on Twitter, @collabgenius.