Early Learning Champions 2018

Robbie Rose

Robbie  Rose Arizona
  • LPB
  • East Baton Rouge Parish Schools
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana

East Baton Rouge Parish Schools special educators have a secret sauce—her name is Robbie Rose. As a specialist for exceptional student support, she works with 72 early childhood district professionals on their instructional needs. The secret is in her passion and curiosity to research, model, and effectively share instructional strategies and assessments to help her community be successful. Additionally, Robbie collaborates with principals, teachers, parents, staff and students in planning, developing and reviewing programs for students with disabilities. An avid believer and user of PBS Learning Media, she trains teachers on how to navigate and use the resources for their classroom needs. When she isn’t in the classroom or with educators, you can find her exploring the great outdoors or a new instructional strategy to improve her craft!

PBS KIDS Character Connection: Nature Cat because of his curiosity and persistence. Although Robbie can’t relate to being a cat, she believes that they are both trying to improve themselves by exploring the world and finding solutions to new problems.