PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Sandra Wiseman

Sandra Wiseman West Virginia
  • West Virginia Public Broadcasting
  • Woodsdale Elementary
  • Glen Dale, West Virginia

Sandra (Sandy) has been at the same school, Woodsdale Elementary, for the past 28 years. But that has not stopped her from innovating!  In her classroom, the media center, children sit breathlessly watching robots they have programmed dropping pong balls into a red cup. Her class is always an adventure – filled with reading stories, practicing coding skills, using QR codes, and programming robots. Sandra also supervises the Tiger News Team, a weekly news program produced by 5th grade students and published on the school website. “I started my career as a very traditional librarian, when computers were just beginning to make their way into classrooms,” Sandra says. “What I originally learned in college about managing a library has become obsolete - so over the years I have adapted and changed the way I do things so I can bring my students the very best learning environment possible.”

Fun Fact: Sandra supervised her school’s first robotics team, who recently placed in the top 30 finalists out of 5,300 international teams.