PBS Digital Innovator 2020

Sarah Dahl

Sarah Dahl Montana
  • Montana PBS
  • Park High School
  • Livingston, Montana

Watching students learn, and contributing to their knowledge base, brings Sarah Dahl more joy and accomplishment than any other career could. Whether her students are 15 or 55 she is motivated by every opportunity to help her students become themselves. Having taught English Language Arts for the last 13 years, Sarah finds herself constantly challenged by her ever changing student body. Each year presents something new and exciting to design, execute, and revise, and not all careers have such opportunities. In the last two years, Sarah has taken on the challenges of integrating more technology into her classroom, and in the last few months she has had the opportunity to work closely with colleagues to empower them to do the same. Sarah finds the rewarding part of teaching is to work closely with colleagues in the integration of 21st century skills. Sarah has worked closely with her PBS Teacher Ambassador and leads a professional development group that helps teachers find ways to use technology in their lessons.

Fun Fact: Sarah likes to test the preconceived notions of time and space.  You can accomplish so much with a small amount of space and very little time.

Favorite PBS Character/Show: Wild Kratts because “my three year old loves it, and I enjoy watching it with him.”