PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Sara Layton

Sara Layton Utah
  • KUED
  • Mountain Heights Academy
  • Santa Clara, Utah

By its very nature, Sara’s classroom is vastly different from most. Students in her all-online courses have an immersive digital experience—they are students in a 21st century classroom, navigating solutions to problems that are unique to their time. Her students come to her school looking for an individualized, alternative educational path. To engage them, she uses their varied backgrounds as a foundation for exploration. Students in her classroom don’t only learn from open educational resources (OER), they publish them. “In our classroom,” she explains, “students participate in creating, licensing in the Creative Commons, and publishing resources so that their work lives beyond our classrooms ‘walls’ and school-year time limits.”

Fun Fact: In 2015, Sara was recognized as Charter School Teacher of the Year.

Follow Sara on Twitter, @slaytonMHAcad, and on Instagram, @mt_hts_academy.