PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Sharon Davison

Sharon Davison Vermont
  • Vermont PBS
  • Allen Brooke School
  • South Hero, Vermont

Nurturing a child’s curiosity is at the heart of Sharon’s work. She believes young children are naturally curious about the world and look for ways to learn through exploration. Teaching kindergarten, she says, offers a breath of fresh air every day.  Young children are great observers; they look for patterns, similarities, and make connections spontaneously.  “I love the daily energy and excitement that children bring each day,” says Sharon. “This genuine interest and love for learning is what I enjoy most. Through a young child's natural ability to seek out understanding, I try to capture this idea to help promote the love of learning.”

Fun Fact: Sharon is an NEA Foundation Global Leadership Fellow, where she was able to travel abroad, participate in a field study, lead trainings on how to integrate global competence into a classroom instruction, advance pedagogy, and prepare students to thrive in the “flattened” global age. 

Follow Sharon on Twitter, @kkidsinvt, and on Instagram, @knitwalkswim. Follow her class on Twitter, @vermontkkids123.