Early Learning Champions 2018

Shelly Bautista

Shelly  Bautista Arizona
  • PBS SoCal
  • Carson Street Elementary School
  • Carson, California

You might hear Shelly Bautista singing a familiar PBS KIDS song in her kindergarten class at Carson Street Elementary School in Los Angeles, California: “I like you...just the way you are!” Working as a teacher and instructional leader in a low-income neighborhood where at least 85% of students are English language learners, Shelly’s positive outlook for both students and teachers is a light to all she works with. She is passionate about developing young learners and supporting them in reaching their full potential. Shelly has worked with PBS SoCal’s STEM Parent Academy and the Family and Community Learning Workshops on classroom instruction. She has also been an innovator in her field by integrating media and technology into classroom learning, including the Ready To Learn and PBS KIDS learning resources. Shelly approaches her job each day striving to be the best educational leader for her school and community.

PBS KIDS Character Connection: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood because Shelly is constantly reflecting on ways to be a good community member and loves including kids in problem-solving experiences. Plus, she can always be found singing the songs throughout the day!