Early Learning Champions 2018

Susanne Tata

Susanne  Tata Arizona
  • KLRN
  • Alamo Heights Presbyterian Day School
  • San Antonio, Texas

With a degree in microbiology, some might find it surprising that Susanne Tata has spent the past 20 years in a preschool classroom and not a science lab. But to Susanne and all those who work with her, it’s the most natural place she could be as she explores the world of science with little minds! As a teacher at Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church Day School in San Antonio, Texas, Susanne engages her students in creative STEM projects, often transforming everyday household items into learning tools for her students. Her knowledge shines through when she teaches, and she willingly mentors and shares her ideas with her colleagues. Susanne’s influence doesn’t stop at school. She actively involves families in their child’s learning at home, creating a thriving, innovative, science-rich community.

PBS KIDS Character Connection: Curious George because like him, Susanne may have the best intentions and enthusiasm, but sometimes things don’t always go well. And in the classroom, when that happens, she tells the kids: “If we didn’t make mistakes, we wouldn’t learn.”