Early Learning Champions 2018

Tara Haynes

Tara Haynes Arizona
  • KET
  • Pine Mountain Settlement School
  • Bledsoe, Kentucky

Tara Haynes is the lead teacher for Little School, a free early childhood program serving children in Harlan County, Kentucky, one of the poorest counties in the United States. Tara helped launch Little School, played an integral role in developing its curriculum, and recruited participants. She gives a unique and powerful voice to the children and families she supports, having worked through her own personal challenges including having a child with disabilities. Tara brings joy and a cheerful disposition to one of the most isolated parts of eastern Kansas. Most importantly, she gives children and families a vision of a stable and loving future, empowering community members to overcome and succeed.

PBS KIDS Character Connection: Curious George, without a doubt! He is a free-spirited, curious, happy monkey that does his best to do for others. Tara loves George's sense of wonder and his positive attitude.