Early Learning Champions 2018

Traci Piltz

Traci  Piltz Arizona
  • MontanaPBS
  • Billings Public Schools
  • Billings, Montana

If a teacher thinks a child CAN’T, Traci Piltz—kindergarten teacher and K-3 technology integration specialist—is there to help! As the go-to authority on tech integration for early elementary classrooms in Billings Public Schools and Montana, she specializes in working with kindergarten teachers so they KNOW their students CAN. Traci brings her direct experience with kindergarten learners and her practical knowledge to her work of how kinders think and process information. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Pic-Collage teacher ambassador, Code.org trainer, Level 2 certified Google educator and SEESAW ambassador. In addition to her extensive background, she knows how to connect with other educators. Whether through in-person mentoring as an experienced teacher or online via her blog and social media, Traci is leading the way. She inspires teachers all over the country to take risks and innovate in their primary classrooms. You can check out her blog at https://mrspiltzkindergarten.blogspot.com.

PBS KIDS Character Connection: Word Girl because she works hard to help people by sharing her knowledge.