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film credits

Written and Directed by
Margaret Koval

Produced by
Patricia Asté

Editor and Co-Director
Douglas Cheek

Cinematography and Additional Directing by
Michael Chin

Dana Kaproff

Salome Jens

Associate Producer
Ellen Mulligan

Art Director
Frank Gampel

Assistant Directors
Mohammed Nesrate
Sade Zerrifi

Principal Historian
Richard Horsley

Assistant Camera
Jill Tufts

Patrick Ruth

Location Sound Recording
Sarah Chin

Assistant Editor
Tom Halasz

Production Assistants
Leandro Asté
Manny Ortega

Moroccan Crew
Location Producer, Zak Productions
Production Manager, Ali Bakioui
Production Manager, Mohammed Ben
Location Coordinator, Ridouane Nasserdine
Grip, Aziz Bizzi
Wardrobe, Mohamed El Fatah
Special Effects, Hanine Ouiddar
Crowd Marshall, Hassan Khiami
Props, Najat Hamden
Props, Malika Hamden
Props, Boujamaa Rassourance

Greek Crew
Production Manager, Susie Pugh Tasios
Production Manager, Victoria King Voreadis
Grip, Nektarios Solidakis
Assistant Grip, Spyridoula Baglorogou
Props, Gerasimos Karvounis

Italian Crew
Production Manager, Catherine Ventura Ward

Aziz Bizzi, Morocco
Nektarios Solidakis, Greece

Set Designer
Paolo Biagetti

Archival Materials
Erich Lessing/Art Resource, NY
Scala/Art Resource, NY
Alinari/Art Resource, NY
RMN/Art Resource, NY
© Mimmo Jodice/CORBIS
© Roger Wood/CORBIS
© Vanni Archive/CORBIS
© Werner Forman/CORBIS
Foto Pont. Comm. Arch. Sacra
Hannibal Publications, Athens, Greece
Alfredo Foglia

Ellen Mulligan
John Dominic Crosssan, The Historical Jesus

Historical Advisors
Keith Bradley
Allen Callahan
John Dominic Crossan
Paula Fredriksen
John Gager
Erich Gruen
Richard Horsley
Amy-Jill Levine
Tom Wright

Director of Post-Production
Michael Andrews

Post-Production Facilities

Audio Post Production

Graphic Designer
Chien H. Chen/Greystone

Joe Hathaway

Legal Counsel
James R. Andrews, Esq.

Special Thanks
The Director General, Vatican Museums
The Pontifical Council for Social Communications
Comune di Roma, Dipartimento IV
Museo della Civilita Romana, Rome
The Odysseia, Lefkada
Ministry of Culture, Greece
Lux Vide Spa
HarperCollins Publishers
Gail Andrews

For Devillier Donegan Enterprises

Production Managers
Denise Glennon
Tawanda Morris

Program Development
Rebecca Goldfield

Supervising Producer
Greg Diefenbach

Executive Producers
Ron Devillier
Brian Donegan

Produced by Koval Films, LLC in association with PBS
And Devillier Donegan Enterprises