The Pynx

The Pynx, from The Greeks documentary The Pynx, from The Greeks documentary

The popular assembly had first met in a location not far from the marketplace of Athens, called the agora. After Cleisthenes' reforms it met on the Pynx, an area of land that rose uphill from the center of the city. Inside it a speaker's platform was erected, small walls were built around it, and nearby buildings were used for members of the Council of Five Hundred.

The area around the Pynx was modest at first, but during the fifth century BC it was enlarged on a grandiose scale. The original area was now fashioned into a huge semicircle, capable of accommodating the several thousands who regularly met there, and the speaker's platform was moved to a more commanding position further up the hill. The state of the site today reflects improvements made to the original site in the fifth and fourth centuries BC.