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About the film

This is a coming-of-age story about two best friends living on the US-Mexico border in a scarred landscape of racial tensions, family wounds, and lack of opportunities as they embark on their extraordinary journeys in 3D innovation and artistic creativity to heal themselves, their families, and their community.


Ramón Villa-Hernández

About Reel South

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Full Credits


Rachel "Shelly" Salcido
Wendy Sandoval
Rosy Salcido
Mr. Luis Ramirez
Michael Jones
J.J. Childress


Alejandra Aragon

Executive Producer

Charlotte Cook

Supervising Producer

Caitlin Mae Burke
Chloe Gbai


Cathy Chen
Ramon Villa-Hernandez


David Fabelo


Andrea Michelle

Alvarado Chavez


Alejandra Aragon

Field Production Manager

Jason Carranza


Daniel Ballard

Additional Editing

Alejandra Aragon
Ramon Villa Hernandez

Additional Sound Recording

Julio Salgado

Post Production Producer

Paul Hunton

Post Production Supervisor

Jonathan Seaborn

5.1 Sound Mixer

Amy DeVoge

EOS Translation Services

Eduardo Oropeza-Sanchez

Special Thanks

Microsoft-El Paso
Ritz-Carlton Santa Barbara
Socorro Independent School District
Yselta Independent School District
Molly Murphy
Amber Love
Clint Bowie

Blog | The 'Disrupted Borders' Team Highlights the Beauty of Friendships and Latinx Culture

Producer Ramon Villa-Hernández talks about his team's short film, "Disrupted Borders," and the cross-border friendship between two girls which inspired it.
Blog | The 'Disrupted Borders' Team Highlights the Beauty of Friendships and Latinx Culture