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About the Film

Do Not Disturb touches on the dangers and possible outcomes of texting while driving.

About the Filmmakers

Mackenzie Rosario: Hailing from Clarksville, Tennessee, I am taking the next step in pursuit of a successful career in the film industry. I’m a curious and hard-working film school student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I want to perfect my technical abilities and develop my own unique style. From a young age, I have been drawn to the world of film and motion pictures.

Jacob Boehme: Being from a small town called Taylorville, Illinois, I was forced from an early age to use my imagination to find stories around me worth telling. This skill is what made me choose to attend Southern Illinois University Carbondale in order to perfect my craft and learn as much about visual storytelling as possible. To me, creating stories and narratives is not something I am pursuing in order to start a career, but instead is something I know I must do in order to feel fulfilled.

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    Blog | Q&A with the Filmmakers of 'Do Not Disturb' Mackenzie Rosario and JT Boehme

    WSIU spoke with filmmakers Mackenzie Rosario and JT Boehme, on their inspiration behind their story "Do Not Disturb."
    Blog | Q&A with the Filmmakers of 'Do Not Disturb' Mackenzie Rosario and JT Boehme