4m 52s

About the film

‘Forward Journey’ is an experimental narrative short film that follows the surreal journey of a young woman as she unravels the mystery of what happened to her. The film was created for a course at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

About the Filmmakers

Mackenzie Rosario (Director): I am a recent graduate from Southern Illinois University Carbondale where she studied Cinema andPhotography and minored in Marketing. While being a student at SIU I found a love for storytelling and began to put a great effort into serving in the primary roles of Director/Producer. I will continue my education at the Savannah College of Art and Design in the Fall of 2021 where I will study film and television production. Here, I hope to develop my filmmaking skills further, and create/collaborate on more films that I am passionate about.

Jacob Boehme (Cinematographer): I am a Senior at Southern Illinois University Carbondale where I major in Cinema & Photography with a minor in Advertising. Currently, I am a freelance photographer/videographer and graphic designer, and VFX artist. Having fallen in love with photography and cinematography at a young age, I grew to love visual storytelling and strived to find interesting ways to tell interesting stories.

About WSIU

WSIU Public Broadcasting is a vital community resource dedicated to improving the quality of life for millions of people across five states and beyond. We offer multiple digital television channels and radio stations, local production units, community engagement, and interactive online services such as web, podcasts, videos, and social media channels. WSIU provides equal access to news, arts, culture, science, history and educational programming that inspires learning for everyone. The WSIU stations are a service learning and professional development experience for students of all ages, including more than 100 students of Southern Illinois University who build their media production skills in our stations. WSIU is proud to partner with the PBS Short Film Festival to showcase the creative work of diverse students, faculty, and independent media producers.