About the film

Hit by tragedy, a married couple has their anniversary party and an unusual guest arrives. Guest of Honor is a multi-award-winning heartfelt drama written by Lisa Belcher & Lukas Hassel, directed by Lisa Belcher, produced by Lisa Belcher and Christian Olteanu. It has played over 30 festivals and received 23 awards. The film was selected by the American Heart Association to support their cause, and has just received an offer for foreign sales and domestic distribution

About the Filmmaker

Lisa Belcher is an award-winning writer, director and actor and has worked both in Hong Kong and the US. She’s the founder of Austin based production company Jump Rock Pictures. After a successful festival run, her film Guest of Honor, a heartfelt drama, has received 23 awards and was picked up by a large non-profit. Javelina Run is a comedy western starring Lorelei Linklater (Boyhood) and Wally Welch (The Magnificent Seven) that has also played a number of festivals and received multiple awards, including Best Director. It just received an offer for domestic distribution and foreign sales. The soundtrack has been awarded the prestigious spot on the 2020 Best Short Soundtracks album released by Movie Score Media. Lisa recently directed a TV series sizzle for a young adult fantasy thriller which is currently being packaged by APA and will be pitched soon. She is in development on a comedy feature film that is set to film in Austin in late 2021 as well as the feature version of Javelina Run.

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