About the film

Highway Mike is the story of Mike, a formerly homeless addict who used to live below the bridge in a park where hundreds of users gather every day to do drugs. Now he does outreach work to prevent overdoses in that same park. Mike tries to balance his past with his present as he leads us into the underbelly of one of New York City’s most overlooked communities, and gives us a firsthand glimpse of what the opioid crisis looks like in urban spaces.

About the Filmmaker

Producer, Director: Sriyanka Ray

Sriyanka Ray is an award-winning video journalist, storyteller and producer from Kolkata, India. She covers race, inequality, youth issues and the criminal justice system. Much of her work has been at the intersection of journalism, film and social change.

Her documentaries have earned her ten New York Emmy nominations and her investigative film The Sweatshop Of Wall Street was a finalist in the Outstanding Story by a South Asian Journalist in North America category at the 2017 South Asian Journalists Association Awards. She was a producer on the BRIC TV team that won a 2018 NY Emmy in the Education/School Program Category for Class Divide: Breaking the Pattern of School Segregation. Sriyanka currently works as a Senior Producer at BRIC TV where she creates documentaries on social issues and produces television programs.

She got her M.A in Media Studies from The New School, NY and her B.A in English Lit from Presidency College in Kolkata, India.
She is based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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