About the film

We compare and contrast who these young men were five years ago with whom they are now, and how their perspectives on race, justice, and social inequality have changed. Many of our young men, now more radicalized, are no longer interested in explaining why their lives matter to other communities, they no longer need such validation. How and why they arrived at this place and how they see their future role serves as the crux of the film and a vision for future engagement.

About the Filmmaker

Joe Brewster, Rada Studio (Executive Producer The Conversation Remix, Director/Producer Learning To Breathe Episode)

Producer and Director Joe Brewster is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist who uses his psychological training as the foundation in approaching the social issues he tackles as an artist and filmmaker. Brewster has created stories using installation, narrative, documentary and print mediums that have garnered support from critics and audiences internationally, including Sundance awards and three-time Emmy nominee documentary, American Promise. He is a Guggenheim and Sundance New Frontier Lab Fellow.

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Blog | Filmmaker Q&A: Joe Brewster & Michèle Stephenson Remix the Conversation Around Race in America

In fierce recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement, Filmmakers Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson reflect on their commitment to inspire change for a brighter future.
Blog | Filmmaker Q&A: Joe Brewster & Michèle Stephenson Remix the Conversation Around Race in America