About the film

Mildred is a fictional drama set in an American industrial town in the 1930s. Twelve-year-old Mildred must find the resources to lead her family through the Depression after the death of her mother. She cares for her younger sister and her newborn baby brother while her father, employed in a factory, struggles with alcoholism and grief. Can a girl so young meet the challenges that lay ahead?

About the Filmmaker

Michael Ricci is a director, writer, and actor based in Carbondale, Illinois. He has performed regularly in theater and film since his early teens. His theater credits include roles in Edward Albee's Everything In the Garden, Fiddler on the Roof, and Twelve Angry Men. His film acting credits include D. Wynn B's Family Values, Roger Trexler's Platypossum - the Movie and the web comedy series, Strummers, which he also co-wrote. He began his directing career in 2012 with the multi-award winning horror short; Samuel and Sarah. Michael is the writer/director of several award-winning short films including RESET, The Darkening Hollows, Mildred and The Greeting.

About WSIU

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