About the film

A fourth-generation Chinese American, filmmaker Kimberlee Bassford explores her family’s relationship to Honolulu's Chinatown. She also examines the parallels between the COVID-19 pandemic and the 1899-1900 bubonic plague in Hawai‘i, highlighting the ways the two public health crises transformed the iconic neighborhood then and now.

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Full Credits


Steve S. Alm
Eddie Flores
Chu Lang Schubert-Kwock
Karen Lau
Cindy Lee
Nicholas Lee
Wing Tek Lum
Mei Mei Say

Voice of C.Q. Yee Hop

Nicholas Chung


Kimberlee Bassford


Kimberlee Bassford


Kimberlee Bassford


Kimberlee Bassford

Director of Photography

Valerie Narte


Mahima Tuladhar

Additional Camera

Kimberlee Bassford
Henry Mochida
Michael Bassford

Motion Graphics

Manjula Varghese

Production Assistant

Kathleen Zhang

Archival Materials

C.Q. Yee Hop Companies
Hawai'i State Archives
Jeremy Huang
Meredith Nierman/GBH News
Richard Tao

Special Thanks

Celia Baker
Jonathan Bassford
Michael Bassford
Naleea Bassford
Evelyn Chun
Mikey Chun
Randall Chun
Jay Hubert
Tami Lee Keolanui
Chad Koyanagi
Stephanie Lum
Barinna Poon
David Warman
Christina Whinnery
Eric Wong