About the film

Lockdown and safety measures for Covid-19madetangible human interaction harder, if not impossible, to get. Birmingham based artist and professor, Stacey Holloway, transformed her yearning for physical touch into an interactive series of kinetic sculptures. From hugs to high fives, Stacey captures the spirit of what she missed most about proximity to others, with humor and affection.

About the filmmaker

Lisa Cordes is a producer, editor, and mother hen to the production department. She has been with APT since 2014. After a decade of being a hairstylist, Lisa upended her life and followed her dream of working in media and television. After working as an intern at APT, she was hired as a production coordinator and then worked her way up to producer and editor. She co-produces the arts series Monograph along with the Thelma to her Louise, Kelsey Harrison. She lives with her two cats and slips further every day into realizing her true form of Crazy Cat Lady.

About APTV

Alabama is a land of rich history, abundant natural resources, fantastic opportunities and America's first state public television network - Alabama Public Television! Alabama Public Television is here for you 24 hours a day - an educational resource for people of all ages. With Alabama Public TV you'll meet the best minds in the world and newsmakers in Alabama and across the nation. You'll hear music of all varieties. Explore the wonders of science and nature. Learn how to sew country quilts, paint masterpieces and cook like a gourmet chef. Kids love - and parents trust - Alabama Public Television's award winning schedule of children's programs.