4m 52s

About the film

What would you do if you only had 15 minutes left on Earth to live? And you weren't allowed to leave your house?

About the Filmmaker

Kelly Yu is a Swedish-born, New Orleans raised, Chinese-American filmmaker and photographer. Kelly’swork is driven by a distinct voice and visual style shaped by her experiences navigating three different cultures. When not busy losing lens caps and writing screenplays, you can find Kelly running her own production company she started at age15. Her list of clients range from national brands and organizations like Google, Glamour Magazine, YR Media, and YouTube. She is the recipient of the 2019 AAHSFF Best Screenplay Award presented by IFC Films and Eli Roth, as well as the finalist for the Writers Guild of America Michael Collyer Screenwriting Fellowship. Kelly’s feature script PLUM TOWN currently holds the rare "9" rating on the Blacklist and was featured as the #1 Best Screenplay of the Week. She currently studies Film & Television Production at the USC School of Cinematic Arts while simultaneously battling her iced coffee addiction.

About Louisiana Public Broadcasting

Louisiana Public Broadcasting has been the public television network in the state of Louisiana since 1975, with stations in Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Monroe and Shreveport. LPB is also affiliated with WLAE-TV, in New Orleans. In addition to producing award-winning documentaries on the history and people of Louisiana, LPB is committed to helping children across the state develop their reading and writing skills as well as math and science skills through its many educational programs.