About the Film

Explore the philosophy and appreciation of cooking and the art and science of growing food. In this standalone episode, we will follow our young agricultural innovator, Kristyn Leach , as she dives deep into the process of growing grains and explores her Korean heritage with other Korean American farmers. Along the way, Kristyn will help us discover the challenges young agriculturalists face and expand our idea of who is the modern American farmer.

About the Filmmakers

John Picklap (Director/Producer) who’s directorial work has been  featured by The Atlantic, Atlas Obscura, and premiered at AFI DOCS, Mill Valley Film Festival and won Best Short Documentary at LA Lift-Off Film Festival. He has also worked with major media organizations such as NPR, WIRED, AJ+, and the Associated Press.Picklap is a
2019 SFFilm Artist-in-residence as he works on his first feature film.

Garrett Stern (Co-Producer) is a Virginia native. For the past decade  he has been a researcher and advocate for sustainable, ethical farming. He has worked with farmers, nonprofits, and universities to build bridges between the farmers who produce our food and the communities that eat it. When he not producing films, he is working at the University of Richmond as a Senior Program Manager, building professional education programs to meet the needs of the Richmond community.

About ITVS

As public media’s leading incubator and presenter of independent film, ITVS is driven by the conviction that bold storytelling builds a more just society. When you partner with us, we back your vision. We know the risks you take to tell a story that no one else is telling. We’ll make it easier on you, providing you with one-on-one support on every step of your filmmaking journey. You'll draw upon our decades of industry expertise, working with our creative and technical strategists, marketing champions, and audience engagement innovators. At ITVS, we connect you to global audiences and communities that are using film to change lives. We’re committed to diversity on both sides of the camera. For over 25 years, we’ve been creating films that are reflective of our society. Two-thirds of our filmmakers, and more than half our staff, are people of color. Half the films we foster are by and about women.