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About the film

WITHOUT A WHISPER — KONNON: KWE uncovers the hidden history of the profound influence Indigenous women had on the beginnings of the women’s rights movement in the United States. Before the first women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls in 1848, European colonial women lacked even the most basic rights, while Haudenosaunee women had a potent political and spiritual voice and authority in all aspects of their lives.

About the Filmmaker

Katsitsionnni Fox is a filmmaker whose work focuses on empowering stories of Indigenous women. Her debut film was the award winning “Ohero:kon - Under the Husk” a 26-min documentary following the journey of two Mohawk girls as they take part in their traditional passage rites to becoming Mohawk Women. Katsitsionni received the Jane Glassco Award for Emerging Filmmaker at the imagine NATIVE Film Festival in 2016. She directed and co-produced a short - doc series for REMATRIATION - a Native American women's online, multi-media magazine. It is focused on healing and empowerment of Native women through the sharing of their stories and successes. Her most recent film is "Without a Whisper - Konnón:kwe” the untold story of how Indigenous women influenced the early suffragists in their fight for freedom and equality. Without a Whisper received Best Short Film Winner at Female Voices Rock Film Festival and Red Nations Film Festival.

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Blog | 'Without a Whisper': A Conversation with Director Katsitsionni Fox

Filmmaker Katsitsionni Fox discusses representation of Native communities and the profound influence the women in her life have had in her film "Without a Whisper."
Blog | 'Without a Whisper': A Conversation with Director Katsitsionni Fox