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About PBS Food

Welcome to PBS Food. We’ve got something exciting in the oven.

Our concept is to pull together the best articles, videos, and recipes from across public television and present them here for you.

Jose Andres

Our inspiration comes from the long line of wonderful chefs that have appeared on PBS stations for decades, from the incomparable Julia Child to Jacques Pepin to Jose Andres.

Our ingredients are simple:

A little something from our national programs, like Martha Stewart’s Martha Bakes and the Great British Baking Show featuring Britain’s best amateur bakers.

Or check out the newest trends on Bay Area Bites. Or see the best cooking show western Pennsylvania has to offer.

We’ll also throw in some treats from the PBS archives. That’s right, we’ve got early episodes of Julia Bakes, recipes from some old PBS favorites, and even an appearance from a very young Emeril.

We will top all that off with the Fresh Tastes blog, featuring Marc Matsumoto and Adrianna Adarme. Marc and Adrianna bring new faces and flavors to PBS.org and will lead our celebration of food and cooking.

Together these amazing chefs and cooking shows remind us why food is such an essential part of culture — it brings families together, helps us connect with our children, defines and unites our communities, lets us celebrate and comfort, stokes great debates and reinforces our identity as a nation.

Simply, food is PBS at its best. And we can’t wait to share a table with you.

Enjoy our site, we’re working very hard to add new content every day. And we promise, Julia, we will be fearless!

For more information about PBS Food, contact Matt Schoch at meschoch@pbs.org.

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