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No-Bake Chocolate Cornflake Bars

Kid Friendly Chocolate Cornflake Bars

Chewy and crispy, these chocolate cornflake bars come together in about 5 minutes. Continue


Leftovers Made Easy: Mashed Potato Pancakes

With huge amounts of leftovers, mashed potato pancakes are a great dish! Continue

Poached Salmon with Chervil Hollandaise

Tasty and Easy Poached Salmon with Chervil Hollandaise

This method for poached salmon involves relatively little work, and the resulting fish is tender and juicy. As a bonus, you even get asparagus on the side! Continue

Perfect Side Dish: Cheesy Herbed Mashed Potatoes

A classic side-dish for Thanksgiving, enjoy these mashed potatoes with your choice of cheese on top. Continue

Chocolate Cornbread Muffins Diverse For Every Meal

It would be wrong to imply that these chocolate cornbread muffins are healthy, but with less sugar and loads of fiber, they are a perfectly acceptable breakfast food. Continue

A “Mostly” Classic Cranberry Sauce

With nothing overpowering, this cranberry sauce recipe marries all of the ingredients together wonderfully. Continue

Less Than 45 Minute Kimchi Rice Sandwich

With buns made from rice and a filling made of stir-fry pork and kimchi, kimchi rice sandwiches are a cool combo to eat. Continue

Stay Healthy In the Chill with Persimmon Arugula Salad

Enjoy the contrast of something bright and healthy paired with something cheesy and indulgent in this persimmon arugula salad. Continue

Adults Only: Shochu Hot Chocolate

Shochu hot chocolate is a decadent elixir, with a rich, velvety texture that coats your mouth with the glorious taste of chocolate. Continue

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