Fresh Tastes Blog - 4/83 - PBS Food

Get Cozy with Leek and Mushroom Grilled Cheese

Let this leek and mushroom grilled cheese literally melt in your mouth. Continue

Refresh with Kale Apple Salad

Make this kale apple salad ahead of time and add the dressing right before serving. Continue

Chorizo-Spiced Soup to Keep You Warm

Without a trace of meat, this chorizo-spiced soup has all the right flavors while still remaining vegetarian. Continue

Easy Thanksgiving Dessert: Almond Oat Pear Crumble

Almonds and oats complement each other nicely so why not make this almond oat pear crumble? Continue

Make Seasonal Delicata Squash Tacos

Every fall squash deserves to be headliner on the menu. These deliciously spiced delicata squash tacos just might become a regular go to for you. Continue

Heartwarming Ras al Hanout Carrot Cupcakes

These carrot cupcakes are so deliciously fluffy and the warm spices add a delicious savory element to them. Continue

Spiced Chickpea Nachos Meant for Munching

Enhance the texture of a normal recipe by baking and adding spiced chickpeas to these nachos. Continue

Autumn Apple Olive Oil Cake Great for Snacking

This apple olive oil cake is perfect for snacking and the recipe is very straight forward. Continue

Spiced Apple Walnut Pancakes That Say Hey Fall

Borrowing technique from carrot cake, these apple spiced walnut pancakes will get you in the mood for fall. Continue

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