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The Purple or the Orange Carrot — Which Came First?

Explore a quick, crazy history of the carrot. Continue

How Does it Grow? Hydroponic Spinach

Find out how spinach, one of the world’s most nutrient-packed foods, grows even in winter. Continue

When is an Orange Not an Orange?

Navels, clementines, tangerines… What are the differences between these and more? Here’s your orange citrus cheat sheet. Continue



Follow America’s favorite vegetable from field to factory — to see how potatoes grow and how they’re turned into chips. Continue

Quick Bite: Why Does Asparagus Make Your Pee Smell?

Smelly asparagus pee — what’s up with that? All the dirty details are finally revealed. Continue


One of the world’s most ubiquitous fruits might seem like a simple thing to grow. But inside the common apple is a secret — and it’s been challenging apple growers since Ancient Greece. Continue


Most of us have only ever eaten cranberries as juice or that jiggly sauce we extract from a can at holiday time. But long before they’re processed into these foods, fresh cranberries take special work to grow and harvest. Go underwater and high overhead to learn all about this native American fruit.


Mushrooms have suffered from a case of mistaken identity. Is it a plant, or even a vegetable? We find answers inside the underground houses where farmers grow this mysterious food.


We peel back the layers of nature’s most powerful superfood: from the quirks of garlic’s modern cultivation to the weird ways it’s been used throughout history.

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