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Julia Child Chef Tributes

What Does Your Favorite Chef Think of Julia Child?

Read tributes from chefs, bloggers and other important food personalities that illustrate the impact Julia Child had on the world of food. Continue

John Besh: You’re Never Too Old

John Besh, chef of the restaurant August in New Orleans, shares how Julia Child taught him to cook with passion and heart. Continue

Lisa Lillien: A Few Words for Julia Child

Lisa Lillien, know from the Hungry Girl blog, shares her feelings about Julia Child’s legacy to PBS Food. Continue


Robert Irvine: An Incredible Inspiration

Robert Irvine, host of Food Network’s Dinner Impossible, remembers Julia Child and honors her legacy with a quote. Continue

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Everything in Moderation!

Gale Gand, resident chef of Elawa Farm in Lake Forest, remembers her time with Julia Child and the timeless advice she was given by Julia Child. Continue


Godmother of American Cooking

Sandra Lee, host of Semi-Homemade Cooking, honors Julia Child for her 100th birthday with words of thanks. Continue

You’re All In or You’re All Out

Melissa d’Arabian shares her feelings about Julia Child’s legacy on the anniversary of her birthday. She would have turned 100 in 2012. Continue

Christina Pirello Recalls Meeting Julia

The host of Christina Cooks on Create TV writes about her encounter with Julia Child. Continue

Joanne Weir’s Meeting with Julia

Joanne Weir, the public television host, shares a favorite Julia Child memory. Continue

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