#CookForJulia - 10/13 - PBS Food

My Prized Julia Child Possession

Chef Martha Hoover talks about her most prized possession, a wooden spoon signed by Julia Child. Continue

No Apologies

Alexandra Stafford reminds us that Julia Child never apologized for her her mistakes. Continue

Six Lessons I Learned From Julia Child

Lydia Walshin, The Perfect Pantry, shares how Julia Child has helped her be a better blogger. Continue

Her Particular Genius was For Appreciation

Chef Bryan Carr talks about why Julia Child was the best kind of cook. Continue

Julia Child and My Son

Top Chef Suzanne Tracht shares how Julia Child meeting her 7-week-old still inspires her today. Continue

Inspiration and Courage

Blogger Kelly Jaggers talks about how Baking With Julia inspired her career. Continue

I Wish I Had Met Julia Child

Celebrity chef Paula Deen talks about how much she respected Julia Child. Continue

Cooking Can Be Fun

Blogger Jen Cafferty recalls evenings with her mother spent cooking and watching Julia Child. Continue

An Inspiration Since I Was a Child

Hawaiian chef Marco Elder, Brasserie Du Vin, says Julia Child has inspired him his whole life. Continue

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