#CookForJulia - 13/13 - PBS Food

Unabashed Love, Passion and Joy

Julie Mastbrook of the Mommie Cooks blog shares a tribute to the life of Julia Child. Continue

A Lesson in Living Life

By Kathy Strahs, Panini Happy Beyond her profound impact on the food world, it was the way in which Julia Child lived her life – how she challenged herself, pursued uncharted territory and taught what she learned to others – that inspires me most.

seafood stew

Marc Matsumoto Breaks Down Julia’s Bouillabaisse

Julia inspired a generation of home cooks and left an indelible mark on America’s culinary heritage. Her tome, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, set out to do what no other American cookbook had done before: to make French cuisine accessible to the masses. Continue reading “Use Julia Child’s Bouillabaisse for Seafood Stew”

Julia Taught Me to Live With Abandon

Food blogger Kate Selner of Kate in the Kitchen shares how Julia Child was an inspiration in her life. Continue

Leave Your Own Julia Child Tribute

PBS is celebrating Julia Child’s 100th birthday with #CookForJulia, a worldwide party in which food lovers honor her legacy by cooking one of her recipes leading up to her birthday on August 15. PBS Food is also highlighting Julia’s amazing life with never-before streamed episodes, celebrity chef tributes and more.

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