#CookForJulia - 2/13 - PBS Food

Butter to the Core

Chef Danielle Forestier, of Bonpain, about her time with Julia Child on the show, Baking with Julia. Continue

Her Subtle Tenacity

Pastry chef Markus Farbinger remembers his time with Julia Child while a guest on “Baking with Julia” and pays tribute to her legacy. Continue

A Sharp Knuckle to the Hip

Lora Brody, photographer and cookbook author, shares her memories of working on the “Baking with Julia” set alongside Julia Child. Continue

Discovering Julia Child

Chef Jacques Torres, of Jacques Torres Chocolate, pays tribute to Julia Child and talks about “In Julia’s Kitchen with Master Chefs.” Continue

Michel Nischan Says Julia Was Genuinely Interested in Good Food

Michel Nischan, the renowned chef, says Julia Child’s influence made him relevant as a professional chef. Continue

Lidia Bastianich Remembers Cooking Risotto for Julia

The beloved Italian chef, Lidia Bastianich shares her thoughts about hosting Julia Child at her home. Continue

Every Woman Should Have a Blow Torch

Chef Mary Bergin appeared in the famous blow torch episode in “Baking with Julia.” She pays tribute to Julia Child and shares her story. Continue

Julia Child Always Thanked the Cooks

Pastry chef Manuel Trevino remembers Julia Child’s kindness. Continue

Think Julia, Think Cheese Souffle

Mary Sue Milliken, co-chef/owner of Border Grill, remembers her time with Julia on “Cooking with Master Chefs.” Continue

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